Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Reno@Compassvale Crescent - Carpentry in the kitchen

We had a short getaway with our boys over the easter holidays and now I'm trying to clear all my backlogged posts on our Compassvale Crescent BTO. Hubs went down to site before the easter holidays and I haven't found time to post the photos yet! Hope everyone had a great easter holiday with their loved ones.

so here are the photos.
Kitchen island with integrated dining table. The legs of the table are a special request from the couple to have it splayed and slightly pointed towards the end. Our carpenter has matched the legs to the laminate of the kitchen almost to a tee! The countertop flows seamlessly from the kitchen island onto the dining table. The home owners bought matching dining lights to go with their overall theme colour.

closer look at the tapered dining table legs and matching dining lamps

above: kitchen island overlooking int the living room.

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