Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Reno@Venue - Master room platform bed and wardrobe

The master room platform is completed already! The storage nearest to the window edge is openable from the top while the storage facing the wardrobe are pull out drawers for easy access. Nowadays, the rooms are getting so small that in order to enlarge the master wardrobe by changing the normal straight one to a L shaped longer wardrobe, we had to push the master bed all the way to the window, leaving just enough gap for the curtains or blinds to be installed later.

The other thing is that with this sort of arrangement, changing bedsheets will be a little more difficult. You will need to pull out the mattress to reach to the farthest ends to drape the bedsheet over. But our young couple says they don't change bedsheets everyday so they can live with it and rather have a larger wardrobe.
above: customised bedhead with open shelf to charge mobiles and other electronic devices. Plus it comes in handy to put your alarm clocks or watches or other stuff.

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