Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Reno@Venue - TV console

above: this tv console underwent many revisions to get to what it is today! 
Initially the couple wanted full height storage throughout, then they decided that it might be too "imposing" like a wall. So they decided to do only half that is full height storage but with lourve panels to ventilate their shoes. But our client liked the wood panelling detail, so from louves we changed to wood panels (the one in white) and then there was a time where they wanted to have some display area and not hide everything so we introduced a vertical shelving to "break" the 2 elements apart, which i thought it was quite nice too!

The last change was to suspend the entire cabinetry above the floor for easy mopping.

[updated 21 Sep 2017]
couple is very busy with baby!!! and apparently the storage cupboards which they have been eyeing from IKEA has no stock....and so they have no time to unpack and no cupboards to store their stuff so the home photoshoot has to be delayed....hopefully we will get to shoot the final photos.

fingers cross.

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