Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Reno@147M Maisonette - FINAL PHOTOS

Home to a young couple with 2 young kids. We managed to take some photos of downstairs and a little of upstairs on the bathrooms and master wardrobe as the kiddos were all playing in another room upstairs.
Above: more photos of the vinyl flooring with matching skirting. Lovely dining table set with a beautiful ornate white pendant lamp. Staircase threads are existing where we stained it a darker shade. New railings with timber handrails were installed. We redid the entire flat's electrical wirings.

above: here's a pretty shot of the dining room with the staircase. We changed the staircase storage area to face the long corridor instead of the common access from the small door. This way it's much easier to take things out from the triangular staircase store.

 burlap tissue box holder from Minisou. Japanese print plate is from Daiso.

Living room: Sofa not bought yet! But we just had to take the photoshoot if not there wouldn't be another chance. It can be really difficult to juggle everyone's timing especially everyone has their own commitments on weekends and with little children around.

above: long ribbon windows looking into the study room and living room. A request from our client to keep visual connectivity to all the adjacent spaces. For the window that faces the living room, we couldn't manage to have any upper cabinets there but most maisonettes have really huge kitchens so there's ample storage elsewhere.

above: common bathroom with dual sinks, a tall cabinet by the side for all the toilet stuff and even more storage provision under the sink. Mirror box is flat with no storage behind.

 above: common bathroom on the lower floor with pretty wall tiles.
 above: master wardrobe, swing door with door handle detail.

hope you enjoyed this maisonette house tour!
stay tuned for more house tours to come.


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  2. Hi Velle, I have a similar EM flat to renovate, do you mind contacting at 98952691 Leo. Thanks



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