Tuesday, November 14, 2017


hello folks!
here's a new 3 room condominium which we have just completed recently. The whole reno works was approx $35k, a budget which we thought was pretty workable for quite a huge floor area that included quite substantial carpentry works, tiling, vinyl flooring to all the bedrooms, minor electrical works, some wet works to the yard and utility area and full painting to the entire apartment.
above: The dining was very spacious so we did a full height shoe closet to house all their shoes and this condominium's clear ceiling height was at least 3m and above! So all the carpentry went up and so did the price! We "extended" the kitchen by added a small counter and gave our client a chance to put pattern tiles somewhere in the apartment.
 The full height shoe closet came with louvred panel doors
 above: pattern tiles as backsplash for the mini counter
 above: lourved panel doors to ventilate the shoes

above: For the living, we did a suspended tv console with rustic feature wall, open shelf to display their knick-knacks and panelled doors for extra storage. For this home, we wanted to stray away from the "minimalist decor" as we all know that with children, it can be difficult to keep an all white interior.
above: I really love the panel details on the doors.  Looks "barnish" to me.
It was a subtle detail as we didn't want to have a "white wall".

 above: For this home, we emphasized a bit more on texture, wood and panelling details.

above: distressed wood for the balcony; nothing is uniform. 
Finding beauty in the not-so-perfect conditions. We thought this choice of wood from the home owners was pretty clever because then it never will look old because it looked "worn" and "burnt" in the first place.
above: granny's room with bedhead open shelf feature, storage platform bed, storage for clothes and a high table to put her items and fan.

Above: For the master, we did a storage platform bed, bedhead wall feature with open shelf and integrated lights and power points. Redid the entire wardrobe with full configurations to the homeowner's wish list. Lights are using Philips which are dimmer-able and controlled by a remote.
 above: wrinkled sheets and wood looking flooring. Life can be messy. So wabi sabi!

Wardrobe with simple door handle details. Something which has been our style for swing doors.
it's not a major overhaul, but we are glad that we managed to instill some natural and simple design in the overall project. We hope the homeowners enjoyed their reno journey as much as we had!


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