Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Stirling HDB Terrace - #185 Roman Blinds

Roman blinds offer a clean, modern and simple look to any window. Roman blinds offer all the benefits of roller blinds, in which you are able to control to the window shadings, but with the addition of classical simplicity.

Last weekend, we decided that it was time to do some draping to our windows, for privacy really. Mum was very uneasy with all our windows exposing our new place to others.
She said that " everyone walk pass can see girl...not good..." actually i know...there are always many kay-pohs around the vicinity. hey im guilty as charged. If i see a new place undergoing reno, i will also poke my head over the wall...peek inside and see what they are up too! compare abit here...comment abit there to my hubs...

it's human!! to be inquisitive.

anyway...we decided to have roller blinds, roman blinds and maybe even venetian blinds! hahaha...just like our lightings! a variety of all sorts.

So we went down to Jimmy textiles. a family business i heard over forums. Janet was the lady who served us. very patient, brought many fabrics for us to choose. Listened to our needs and left us to ourselves when we needed some time to think through the piles of fabric she left at our table for us to choose. We settled for one roller blind and 3 panels of roman blinds. We still have some window portions that we left out. Thought probably we leave them with 3 panels first and judge their workmanship before letting them do the rest of our home. They were very prompt with their service. We decided that day with the fabric, added black out for the back of the blinds (extra charge here for every panel), paid a deposit and the following day, the workers came to measure our windows.

think this weekend we might get our blinds!!!

Will post updates soon!


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