Friday, February 13, 2015

Reno@CCK2 Maisonette - cleaning up!

Tomorrow the home owners are moving in! On Valentines' Day!!! The cleaning uncle is here to do all the major cleaning up. The glass backsplash guy came and the size didn't fit! Omigaud. Contractor was here too...everyone just stared in amazement. So the glazing guy got to bring it back and cut a new piece.
breakfast counter top fixed!

 kitchen sink and tap installed

 balcony - laundry area

 The boys' room
 The boys' bathroom - all shower accessories installed

 White countertop installed too!

 Eubiq track in the master study desk and tv console

 master tv console -  a miniature of the living room!

stay tuned for final photos!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:31 am

    Hi Velle, love all your designs.. unfortunately having budget issue and able to engage you. May i ask what laminate code you used for CCK2 living room tv console (bottom cab) and shoe cabinet (with woody grain) pls? Looking for something like that but not sure which brand and code. Mind sharing pls? (Linda)



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