Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reno@HollandAve - Final Photos!

hello peeps!!
The Lunar New Year is just around the corner and here's our way of ushering the new year by presenting to our readers one of our completed works!!!
This 3-room flat at Holland Avenue was our first small unit. The unit looked tired and the d├ęcor was out of date from the 90s. However, no unit is too small for us!!! It had great potential due to its superb location and views.

The owner, a media professional in his early 40s, wanted a simple, practical and modern flat with adequate storage space.
Dining table was chosen by the owner!! Love the pretty grains!
For a compact flat,  the idea of a small dining table allows for flexibility in the use of the space. Stools can be added to sit six people once the table is being pulled away from the wall.

The owner selected a matt laminate from Lamitak in ‘Iron” or grey and in wood grain. This combination, together with the grey galaxy counter top and silver coloured backsplash gives the kitchen a more masculine look.

A tall boy fits a multi-purpose steam oven and a coffee machine.

laundry area in the kitchen to maximize the use of the space.

Owner opted for laminate flooring for the living, dining and bedrooms. Unlike regular laminates, these are thicker and the grooves gives it a more natural wood floor feel.

owner calls his terrarium - the lazy man's plant! going wax lyrical on where to get them and how to look after them. Interesting! Makes me want to get a lazy woman plant too!!!
Customised shoe cabinet in walnut that serves as a display cabinet and additional seating when the need arises.

A two-panel sliding window with a top hung was chosen to allow breeze in while mirror solar films lets the owner enjoy the views outside while ensuring privacy. Grey ribbons were chosen for the blinds for a more modern look.

The furniture in the living room has a little retro vibe especially these two sitting chairs circa 1950s which have been beautifully restored in red. Heard it was a gift from a friend. LUCKY owner!!!!

The ‘masculine theme’ continues in the bedroom. The study table and low shelves cover unsightly air conditioning trunkings. More importantly, they offer ample storage space for books and dictionaries as well space for a dry-box. Storage bed is also great for an otherwise dead space – perfect for storing luggage.

Notice the Westing House table fan from 1971 salvaged from owner’s mum house and the Plumen light bulb on the Ikea standing light stand.
hello beauty!

Guest room is kept simple. Owner got a huge bargain with a pre-loved bed, mattress, side tables and study table from an online listing. 

quote from owner
It pays to do some research to buy used or new items given as unwanted gifts

Vanity - finished in the same grey laminate and countertop as the kitchen.
This old flat has a small toilet and a separate shower. Owner installed an additional shower set in case there are guests or should he decide to have a tenant in future. See! small flat can have pretty toilets too!

Hope everyone enjoyed this pre lunar New Year post!

we would like to give credit to home owner for providing us with his penning thoughts.
+ And his lovely pineapple tarts
+ And green tea from japan 

last but not least

gong xi fa cai everyone!!!

click here for pre-reno photos!


  1. hi. May i know what is the material of the grey galaxy kitchen countertop? Solid surface or quartz?

    1. Hi there, it's solid surface.

    2. Thanks a lot for reply. May i know the brand of the solid surface? Company name etc. Thanks in advance.

    3. Evershine Solid surface; Grey Galaxy



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