Thursday, July 28, 2016

Reno@Compassvale Drive - Bathroom with accent wall pattern tiles

The common bathroom features a colourful pattern wall tile that anchors the WC and shower area. Due to the small tight space, there wasn't enough room to separate the shower from the WC, hence we only added a piece of glass between the shower and basin. That way at least we can shield the bathroom cabinets from the shower spray.

Instead of doing our usual special wall for the shower items, this time round we did a half wall ledge which stretches across the entire wall. This makes it easy to place shampoos, conditioners and shower foam at the wet area. And because it continues all the way to the vanity area, it also provides an extra shelving area to place potted plants or lifestyle accessories as it's kept away from the tap. So most of the time, this ledge will remain dry.

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