Friday, July 15, 2016

Reno@Skywoods - Platform bed

For those who has purchased a unit that has very high ceiling space (at least 3.6m), you can create a platform bed in timber finish in your children's room. This not only utilize the high volume space but maximise the floor given area. What you can do is to place the sleeping area on a platform while the study area can be located at the floor.
 Maximising space - steps going up to the sleeping platform areas are designed as storage areas like mini wardrobe, for toys, books and all sorts of stationery. And plus it's low height, makes it kids friendly too where they can reach independently for their own items.

Again brilliant idea by the homeowners in customising the storage area to suit their daughter's daily needs.

 Added light strips to the steps for visibility at night
instead of a glass (for safety of children, best not to recommend large portions of glass) or metal railing for the platform, what we have done is a bookshelf which can be used to store many children's books which the missus of the house has specifically requested for. She told us that her daughter loves reading books and has many books to keep.

The couple has chosen a very light woody theme to go with the pink hues in their daughter's room.
 bookshelf view from sleeping area
 above: steps leading down

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