Friday, March 10, 2017

Late night supper - SPAM fries

TGIF!!! i know this is irrelevant to what we are doing at butterpaperstudio but just wanna share with everyone on my latest supper love - SPAM fries or luncheon meat fries.
LOL....i'm not sure what overcame me but probably i saw someone's instagram's photo of spam fries at a local cafe and spurred me into making some on my own. So without hesitation, i went to the nearest NTUC that evening and bought a can of Maling Luncheon meat and air fried it that night whilst all 3 kiddos were zzz-ing.

it was soooo simple! Just have to cut the spam into rectangular strips like the above photo and put them into the air fryer for about 20 mins, tossing them at every 4min interval at 180 degrees. No preheating of air fryer is required.

and OMG, looks quite ugly but turns out really nice. crispy on the outside and so soft and moist on the insides. especially if you have cut your strips thicker.

try it and let me know if you enjoyed it just as me and hubs!!!
we washed it all down with a can of Guinness stout draught which was delish. of course we shared a can lah.


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