Monday, March 13, 2017

Surprise Hamper

Many a times the things we do goes unseen and unappreciated. No doubt it's our job but we do go an extra mile for all the projects we take on. 

Others may take us for granted but it's ok as long as we don't get pushed over. There are instances where we get blamed for not providing detailed information on the installation method but that's why we are on the job, to do certain decisions for our clients and to make the job faster and better. 

Which is why I would like everyone to know that if you have any questions, please raise it to your designer or contractor because he/she wouldn't guessed that you need answers to certain things pertaining to your home reno. It's difficult to second guess an individual's mind. If your designer/contractor need to explain to you every single little item on your reno, then it will never end...just explaining and waiting for you to make a decision. Because more often, at the end of the day, many of my clients (after they moved in and during the photoshoot) feedback that after awhile they realised that it is only a small item out of so many items to thing about during the reno.

Then there are days where we get a thank you text or call which itself already makes our day! The people who work in our industry mostly work their weekends and after office hours just to serve their clients. If everyone takes this industry for granted, then there will be no one willing to take on this job anymore....just like our local hawkers, cleaners and nurses who works long hours and many a times are not being appreciated.

Back to what I really want to blog about to is...saying "Thank You" goes a long way. Receiving thank you gifts from our clients just makes us want to work harder and better! Because it reminds us that there are actually people out there who appreciates us, working behind the scenes.

A big THANK YOU for the generous gift.

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