Sunday, March 12, 2017

Reno@Bendemeer Lights BTO - Final Photos

Half and Half
Looking for an easy way to add a little color and contrast into your homes without sacrificing too much money or time? and you can't really make up your mind whether do like the neutral white or a contrasting colour? Why don't have both? Your answer is: Half-painted walls.

This home owner boldly chose a bright yellow to decorate her white wall in her living and dining areas. This move is so daring that our dear painter didn't dare to take up the challenge and made our dear contractor personally did the painting job himself!

 Above: bright yellow just slightly above the dining table does all the trick in brightening up a space. Plus it looks cheerful and full of character.

 above: L shape simple wardrobe with mirror doors, reflecting light and body.

We love how the kitchen is done in a colour block way. One side in all white and the other in stark blue-green topped with a spotty countertop.

 above: did i mention that the main door is painted in the same bright yellow!
You won't miss this door at this storey if you are drunk.

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