Sunday, May 13, 2018

Reno@B4 Maisonette - Pre Reno Photos

we are starting a new project back in Bishan. It will be our fourth bishan maisonette and I'm getting a bit, just a teeny wee bit of jealousy!!!

haha...for those of you who know us personally...would probably know that my eldest son will be starting primary school next year and yes we are planning to send him to a primary school in BISHAN! and the housing prices in Bishan are rocket high.

We have been saying and sort of planning to move to Bishan but we haven't really actively trying to sell our place. Ok. we sort of started beginning of this year, after CNY to be fingers cross on selling our place and hey! we probably will shift to Bishan or somewhere close to Bishan.

and then, hello hello! we might become neighbours with our previous clients!
old style timber railings. 
Reminds me of the ole' days when we first started out doing maisonettes!

upper floors - arched doorways!
OMG. This really reminded me of this maisonette! where we kept the same old door frames!!!

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