Thursday, November 12, 2015

Boracay Day 1 - Just getting there...

Flight from Singapore to Kalibo Airport is approx 3 hours and 45mins. Kalibo is a very small airport and you have to get off the plane and walk straight to the airport.
From Kalibo airport, you will then need to take a land transfer to the Ferry terminal. By car, this usually takes 2 hours. From ferry terminal to Boracay is 10mins! super fast.
us on the ferry. BORACAY here we come!!!
finally we have reached we hopped onto a van and it drove us to the beach!
lugging our luggage on the sandy beach is hard work! although we set off at 8am in the morning, we only managed to reach BORACAY at 4pm....almost the whole day was spent on travelling here.
sun is setting while we check we are just going to rest and enjoy our welcome drink, recce the beach and find our dinner.
Along the sandy beach is D'mall. An open air mall. It's not air-conditioned. Many souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes, fast food joints can be found here. We decided to try this Japanese restaurant called HAMA.
at the end of D'mall is Budget Mart where i bought my beer and snacks. All purchased items are packed in a paper bag. And because i bought chilled beer...on the way back, my paper bag gave way...tsk tsk...lucky thing i have my shopping bag with me!!!
it's our first night in Boracay and how can we not drink?!?! The San Miguel here is sooo cheap!!! We found a nice place to chill by the beach with bean bags and cool music.

time flies so fast and Day 1 of Boracay has ended....

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