Friday, November 13, 2015

Boracay Day 2- helmet dive, zipline & cable car

today we covered helmet dive, zipline + cable car, lunch at D'talipapa, beach walk, dinner at Lemon Cafe (D'mall)
For helmet dive, zipline + cable car, we paid about 1250peso per person. All travels on land and sea included.

Actually i'm quite thankful that it's sunny and windy here because before we left for singapore, Yahoo weathers was reporting thunderstorm and rain showers at Boracay. So much for accuracy!
off we go! on a sailboat to a floating platform where everyone does their helmet dive.
 hubs helmet is half filled with water...because he never hold his helmet properly....
group photo. 5 thorns and 1 rose.
Helmet dive left my cousin with unforgettable memory. It's actually quite nerve wrecking for people like me and cousin who doesn't know how to swim and brave this sport activity. Hubs was the first to go down the ladder to lend moral support to the gals...yup after he went down, it was me next.  The ladder from the platform doesn't go all the way down to the seabed, so once you are at the end of the ladder, you pretty much have to sink down....and get pulled down by the scuba divers. Also the weight of the helmet pulls you down too...and let's just say if you don't hold your helmet well, the water is going to gush in!!! Yes, it's completely void areas around my neck. it's the pressure that's keeping the water from going into the helmet. So hold tight!

cousin was very shaky from the start because she was really quite scared. So after she got into the sea, she literally swayed or fell from the ladder and her whole helmet was filled with sea water. she panicked of course. The scuba divers helped her with her helmet and pulled her down to the seabed. after calming her down for awhile, we managed to take some group photos, but she was in a very shaken state of mind. so she requested to go back to the platform.
after the nerve wrecking helmet dive, we went for zipline!

it's not scary. Quite fun actually. i thought i had to close my eyes! But it was OK!

magnets are 4 for 100peso
chilled coconuts are about 70peso

Haggling with the vendors at D'Talipapa. A wet market that sells all sorts of seafood. You really have to bargain real hard, like more than 70% of whatever they tell you. Me and hubs haggled real long...while cousin and her friends just watched by and taking photos. hmmm.

After buying your seafood, there are many stalls that will cook the seafood for you. You can choose the cooking styles and it goes by kilos.

 we had our prawns grilled, shells in butter garlic and calamari, washed down with beer. it was so filling that we didn't even order rice. Each person was about $30 SGD. so cheap right!

The views at Boracay are truly splendid. always picturesque.
i had hubs doing funny kungfu poses at sunset time
Dinner was D'mall - Lemon Cafe because it was recommended by tripadvisor. I suppose for those angmohs who aren't accustomed to local cuisines and miss western food, here's their comfort food. Their pastas are quite tasty and well done, prices are on the relatively high side. Service is good. All meals comes with complimentary warm bread and butter. I had the prawn pasta, the rest had carbonara and spaghetti. everyone said it was good.
how to end the night - shopping! the singaporean way. There are many shops that sells dried mangoes and banana chips to bring back home for friends and relatives. Bargain if you must. I didn't because I'm not the bargaining sort, so i went to budget mart to buy dried mangoes and banana chips.

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