Monday, November 02, 2015

Home@Stirling - BPS

 >>> Introducing our new home office space! It's not 100% ready but it's functioning. I guess it was about time we had some working space to ourselves and spare our clients from sitting at the dining table... albeit it was a more intimate space. Hubs thought perhaps we could cordon off an area where the kids and work are separated, that way it's more conducive when we are in a discussion. The boys are getting bigger and rowdier, so sometimes its hard to hold a conversation...not that it's not normal...I've seen IDs holding their meetings at Mcdonalds and coffeeshops...where there are so many children and babies crying even.

Anyway back to our new home office space...why it's not 100% ready... there's the 1% part that is not ready...hah...the glazing guys came with our glass doors 3 inches short last week and so they had to take it back to redo again... so we are back in the queue for another 2 more weeks or so.

here are some of the ikea stuff which we are using if you are interested!
  • Hammarp Countertop
  • Krille table legs
  • Kallax Shelving Unit
  • Ekby Shelf (discontinued)
  • Sinnerlig Stools (peanut and round shape) - only for a limited time

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