Wednesday, November 11, 2015


2 pairs of small shoes greeted us that morning when we reached the place for the home photoshoot. We kept the existing marble and gave it a good polish. I think it gives the whole place quite a character. A bit of old and a bit of new.
 Above: shoe cabinet and space for the whole family to put their daily shoes underneath. The added lights gives it a warm glow to the space.

Immediately from the foyer area opens up to the kitchen area with 3 banks of kitchen counters. Ample storage space for the growing family. The mummy is trying her hands on growing herbs! So she has acquired a pot of mint and rosemary for future use.
Above: Baking kitchen counter topped in granite - cool for rubbing your dough
 Above: The rest of the kitchen counter is topped in white solid surface.
The stove and sink are side by side for easy preparation of food and immediate cooking. The washing machine is tucked at the far end with hanging space above for clothes to dry. The furthest end from the windows are the fridge and tallboy which houses the pull out microwave and built in oven.
 Kitchen backsplash is finished with marble look-alike tiles

 Above: Pull out microwave!

 Above: common bathroom with mirror cabinets and open shelves.

 Above: Master bathroom vanity - long and spacious counter with a over counter sink and long neck faucet.

 walk in wardrobe

 bedhead with storage behind.

 existing dining table from previous home. Butcher style look.

 Accent grey wall with an existing tv console from previous home.
mummy has tailored made all the really nice prints for the children's room curtains.

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