Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Reno@B2 Maisonette - Pantry bar upstairs

For those young couples who have bought a maisonette, you probably can consider incorporating a pantry cum milk bar upstairs! Newborns need to feed between 2 hours each and subsequently 3-4 hours at later stage. So if you are going to express out your milk, you can store them in the fridge just outside your room. For fathers who need to heat up milk or make milk from milk powder, this pantry bar can be pretty useful in the middle of the night!!! So you don't have to go all the way downstairs in the dark, navigate yourself to the kitchen and make milk....

For this pantry bar, we have allocated a space for a mini bar fridge. Great for those who don't have children yet and you can store your beers and coke for the time being. A working top to place milk powder, hot water flask, water jug, cups, bottles etc.
A cutlery drawer between the mini bar and countertop for spoons, wet wipes, dry towels etc.

The top is more additional storage if you have cans of drinks or cans of milk powder. Well, I'm sure you know what to put once it's your turn!

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