Sunday, March 06, 2016

Reno@Everton - FINAL PHOTOS

 Who's Staying Here: A young couple who just gotten married.
They bought this flat because of its locality where he can walk to where he study and she can easily get transport to work. The neighbourhood is very matured with small provision shops at the void deck area, a local kopitiam where you can find food, boutique cafes and barber shop. It's surrounded by shophouses too! Very quaint area, near to city but hidden away.

 Kitchen: very spacious and neat with 2 long counters on both sides.

 Prep counter for water jug, table top oven and an overhead shelf to place whiskys.

 Beside the kitchen, we have a spare room for guests

To the right of the prep counter, we have the full height larder, fridge, 2 common bathrooms and 1 utility room which we kept to its original condition as it was upgraded only recently. Currently it is a store room for the couple to place their big bulky items and stash of beer!
Other side of the counter is the real working area of the kitchen - the sink and induction hob and hood. The special thing about this kitchen is the extra counter space behind the sink and hob. Currently now the rice cooker and mixer are permanent residents. The kitchen is so wide that we can initially do a L shape counter cum breakfast area to reduce the width. However a breakfast counter is not what the couple was looking at so we designed for one of the kitchen counters to be extra deep. To keep costs low, the extra counter at the back is finished in laminate instead of the usual quartz.
 Kitchen backsplash finished in subway tiles. Tiled in herringbone style.

The couple wanted a glass sliding top cabinet for the kitchen which we tried to incorporate into the design instead of the usual swing door cabinets or open shelf. This way you can see the items in the top cabinet and keep dust at bay.
 Kitchen finished in light grey tiles while the living and bedrooms are finished in vinyl flooring.

For the living, a fresh new coat of paint was given, new entrance door and gate and we changed all the windows, added new vinyl flooring and downlights all around the areas. There's a glass swing door to the study room so all the spaces are well connected. Apparently the kids love to run a loop around the ikea tv console!


 Lovely chest of drawers by the couple.

 The space is kept open and visually connected between the living, dining and kitchen.

 View from dining to kitchen

 The dining table is customised with hairpin legs bought from Amazon and countertop from IKEA.
 The spare room now houses a simple bench and guitar. All bedroom doors are original, so it's vintage!
Here's the newly converted study from a balcony area finished in wood tiles. We boxed up the rain water down pipe together with the aircon trunking so that it doesn't look too much like a balcony.

Albeit small but it has direct access to master bed. Imagine after working late at night, you can just literally jump into bed! 

And on a windy day, you can see the colourful HDB flats from the window.

 View of master towards study separate by black framed sliding doors. 
In the study, there's One black chair and One white chair.

We didn't plaster the flat to save costs too. So if you look closely, you can see the block wall texture at the end of the study room which gives the whole space added character.

hope everyone enjoyed this little house tour!


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