Thursday, March 24, 2016

Reno@Compassvale - FINAL PHOTOS

With plenty of natural light pouring in, wall full of bookshelves and a small seater in the living room, the apartment feels just like a book cafe and that you won’t want to leave.

To keep a consistent look, the study table, bookshelf, platform and shoe cabinet are all using same or similar laminate.
The couple was very sure that they wanted a raised up study area next to the household shelter and so they swopped the study and living room around. So when you enter the main entrance, you only see the living while the study is actually behind the household shelter wall. On higher ground means you can see the tv clearly from the study too!
Behind the study is a wall full of bookshelf and storage area for the couple to store their items. Full bay window storage along the windows was also another special request from the couple. Keeping things away and clutter free is one of the key points in achieving a minimalist look.

The missus is very good at buying furniture and lights online! The whole dining set, living room sofa, side table are all bought online!

Everything is concealed nicely that you don't even noticed the household shelter door.
Top and bottom swing door in white laminates that folds into the white ceiling

Another special request from the couple was to be able to see the living and dining areas from the kitchen. So we have this half height, small strip of ribbon window added in the kitchen which I thought it was a lovely gesture.

above: laundry counter where the washing machine is tucked underneath together with 2 foldable bicycles.

The kitchen was done up very simply. White cupboard on the top and woody laminates at the bottom. There is a mixture of swing doors and deep drawers for all kinds of items. And yes, the kitchen has her own sauce rack pull out tray and full height pantry cupboards.

Above: Full height pantry cupboard beside fridge with 2 deep drawers. Deep enough to put 1.5litre pet bottles. The coffee counter is hidden behind 2 swing doors. The whole idea was to keep everything away and remain unseen.

simple white solid surface counter top for the kitchen complete with glass backsplash
tasklight under top cupboards turned on
Dedicated dresser area in the master, near the bathroom and wardrobe

Dresser with storage behind mirror flushed with top and bottom tasklights
Side drawers by the side for more beauty care regime bottles.

Platform storage in the master
Bedside drawers tuck to both ends of the walls. 
Keeping everything low is key to a Japanese look. Similar to the art of tea culture where the sitting is on the floor and the table is near to the ground. Likewise the mattress is kept on the platform and the bedside drawers are all sitting on the platform.

hope everyone enjoyed this house tour cos we certainly have enjoyed designing it for the couple. Many thanks to G and KK for letting us shoot their lovely home despite having to look after the newborn and entertaining us at the same time.

Happy Easter Sunday!


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