Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Reno@Clarence Lane - Bifold Doors for bathrooms


for those folks who are doing home renos at the moment and are clueless about what type of doors to be used for bathrooms, above are photos of our current project using Bifold doors!

If you are not separating the wet (shower) and the dry(vanity) in your bathrooms, you probably might want to consider bifold doors or PD doors to save some space since they fold and can be tucked to one side. Other types of doors you can consider is having a glass door which can withstand moisture.

Between Bifold and PD, if you can't tell the difference. PD doors are actually slide the 2 panels to one side before you fold them. Both Bifold and PD have tracks on the top. In terms of material, both uses the same aluminium frames and phenolic/acrylic panels.

They both look pretty much the same so aesthetically both do the job. In terms of usage, I think the older generation are more used to a bifold door concept...it works the same like those bifold doors in BTO flats found in the yard. And many old HDB flats are using bifold doors in their kitchen bathrooms. So if you have elderly in your home, they probably know how to use bifold doors more over than PD doors. But of course you can always teach them how to use PD doors too!

The thing about PD doors is that is works better in a tighter space. Like those sliding wardrobes, you can stand almost directly in front of the wardrobe and open the door to access your clothes. Unlike swing doors for wardrobe, you got to allow some space in front of the wardrobe door to swing outwards. So you end up having to have a wider "corridor space" for swing doors as compared to sliding doors. This concept applies to PD doors too for bathrooms. The bifold door swings on the inside of the toilet, so you got to make space for the door to fold. So if your basin is very close to the door, chances are you probably have to squeeze yourself between the door and basin.

 above: bifold door (left) and glass shower partition between wet and dry areas

things to think about.


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