Monday, June 12, 2017

Reno@147M Maisonette - Wooden handrail staircase railing

There are so many different types of staircase details which we have done and more often I would just post the photos and not give a general description of it. So much so that many times our clients would ask for a reference project of how a certain staircase would look like...and then we really need to crack our brains to remember which home it belonged to...even though we are damn sure that ...YES we have done that before.

so here's a home which has vertical black railings with wooden handrails.

there. i've given a short description of it. so that would probably be must faster to "search" for it in my blog when I really need to draw reference to....

now if only i could find the time to back trace all the different railings which i have done and quickly give a description to it so that I can "search" for it quickly too.

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