Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Reno@Venue - Renders

a quick update on our latest condominium project at Venue Residences. The couple has just gotten their keys and wants to start renovation immediately. As it's a new condo, the kitchen is totally fitted in and all bedrooms come with wardrobe.

What they have in mind for their new place:
  1. More storage area for the tv console.
  2. To place a mini bar fridge somewhere.
  3. More storage area for their mother's room
  4. More wardrobe space for the master
  5. Dedicated shoe closet
  6. Yard to house both washer, dryer, helper's bunk bed and storage.
it's a tight timeline now since they have committed to a rental of 3 months in order for the reno to complete as well as to shift in. So we must hurry now...

time is of the essence.

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