Sunday, June 11, 2017

Reno@Compassvale Cresent - Stay tuned

Today was a busy morning for the both of us as we managed to schedule to shoot 2 of our recently completed homes. One was a BTO flat and another was a maisonette. Both have very different styles in terms of colour palette, finishes, materials, furniture and right down to detailing. So it was quite a refreshing change for me to see them both one after another, just in a day. Although hubs and I were quite tired from the home photoshoots but I'm truly happy that it happened! So that I can share these 2 beautiful homes with everyone and let you guys see a wider spectrum on the different types of interiors that your home can possibly have.

Nowadays, home owners are very savvy in purchasing items online. With technology, e-commerce is just a click away and distances are merely just numbers that can be easily managed. Like this home which we visited in the morning, the home owners were sharing that their shipping fee for their online purchases was just $2.99!!! How ridiculously cheap can that be?!?!

OMG. makes me want to go online shopping too. but sigh, there's no more space at home already.

ritey. back to work so that you all can see the sneak peeks soon!!!


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