Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Reno@Compassvale Crescent - FINAL PHOTOS

we are here at our first project in Compassvale Crescent and it was the last to start because the couple was the second last batch to collect their keys.

Along the way, the kitchen top cabinet had a little hiccup because our carpenter boxed up some pipes and it made a little bulkhead which the couple didn't like. Our carpenter was very nice and told us that they will take the entire top cupboard out and redo a new one instead of rectifying it...he said although it was more would be an easier way.
Next was this kitchen island which we had designed came with slanted pencil legs. We tried to paint it to match the kitchen laminate as close to we possibly can. The couple initially wanted it to be finished in laminate but we explained to them that the laminate is too thick to wrap around the island leg. Fortunately they accepted it. I thought it looked pretty nice in the end!
 The couple also shared with us that the built in dishwasher was probably one of their best buys! So i guess for those folks out there who love to host dinners and parties, a built in dishwasher will be a great companion in the kitchen. And if you want everything to flush neat and tidy, a built in one is recommended.

above: all the drawers were designed with a "smiley"

 cable management for the bedhead side drawers

 customised bedhead complete with side drawers (smiley detail) and pull out storage bedframe
Another room was converted to a study with wardrobe. Towards the window side is a dresser for the missus. The wardrobe are built in with swing doors and a wood laminate handle detail.

 above: close up on the study drawer smiley detail as well as the pull handle of the wardrobe

 the couple bought really cute wood knobs where they hung them at the study wall and laundry area

 Living: customised low tv console with round edges at the top

 above: detail of round edge top for the tv console
hope everyone enjoyed this little flat tour and stay tuned for our next photoshoot update!


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