Friday, January 23, 2015

Reno@CCK Maisonette - Carpentry in progress

remember it was just last week that Jules was playing with the "boxes" and now the shoe cabinet is up! The woody interior is looking really smashing!
The kitchen carpentry is still in progress. Usually kitchen takes the longest because it has the most number of drawers, swing doors, accessories. Not as modular as a wardrobe.
Here's another side of the kitchen and the afternoon sun is streaming right in. The other photo shows how sunny the balcony is now...good to sun your clothes now!!

All the carpentry comes with internal colour PVC - something nice to have if you have the budget.

 sneak peak at the bathroom

Workers are cleaning the place, painting and tidying up before they seal the parquet and all work has to stop for the parquet to dry up. All in good planning!!!
To hide the electrical casing, we did a box up all around and the owners bought mini recessed downlights for the box up area. Looks really pretty now with fewer exposed casings.


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