Sunday, January 25, 2015

Reno@VistaSpring - Grouting the brickwall

Are you wondering why the bottom of the brick is so pronounced in black?? it's not the black grout lines, but it's empty!! haha...the laying of the brick is completed but it's not fully grouted in white yet. So the "black" parts are the empty gaps between the bricks which the tiler needs more tiles to grout one by one....after this then we need to wait for it to dry before we paint and seal it.

 here's a closer look at the gaps between the bricks...
 meanwhile, all the dry partition works are done up too, going to do a skim coat later

 false ceiling completed in both bathrooms!

 and our dear electrician had to hack quite a bit to realign all the ceiling wirings again.... seriously, it's not easy working ceiling stuff! debris gets into your eyes you know!!!
Did you know that Michelango painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling until he almost went blind because the paint kept falling into his eyes?
so truth be said, I think it's worth every penny paying your electrician to do the dirty work because seriously I haven't the faintest idea how to hold a drill and definitely not up against a ceiling!

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