Saturday, January 31, 2015

Reno@VistaSpring - Brickwall done!

This week, the brick wall is up!!! And we have been pushing our contractor to quickly get an appointment for the vinyl flooring to come in to do the flooring. But it's really close to the Lunar New Year, so it seems like the whole world is rushing to get their renos done before the CNY.
 close up on the brickwall after the grouting is completed.

All the loose wirings have been pulled in the house too, now waiting for the flooring before the carpentry can start next.
 Aircon trunking done too. The FCU will be installed later, so it wouldn't get dusty for a long time.

Aircon trunking in the master bathroom, no choice have to cross over here to get to the aircon ledge. Think I need to talk to the contractor how to box this thing up.
See the brown and yellow wall in the master bathroom? We are going to overlay the bathroom wall with the new feature wall tiles. That way, the whole bathroom wouldn't look too jarring with so many colours.
 me to Jules: ok darling...go and press the lift!
 and off he goes!!

catch up with me on our reno journey at CCK Maisonette and CCK2 Maisonette!


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