Friday, January 16, 2015

Reno@Yishun Riverwalk - Master wardrobe sensor lights

Our reno at Yishun Riverwalk has reached its final league of the reno journey! This post is just to showcase the master wardrobe in detail. For the last compartment of the wardrobe, there's the dressing table where we have designed for a backlit behind the mirror.
Here's a close up on the backlit mirror and small accessory drawer

For other parts of the wardrobe, we are using the IKEA sensor lights which will turn on when the doors are slide open.
Here's a close up on the LED lights!


  1. hi, I would like to know what color of the flooring pls.: look forward to your reply. Thanks!!

    1. Hi beesin, it's HERF Amsterdam eggshell. :)



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