Sunday, January 11, 2015

Reno@CCK2 Maisonette - RUSHING!

Hello there!
so sorry for the late updates as the new year was a really busy and hectic period for us as Jules is entering another milestone - prenursery!!!
Hubs and I had to take a week's leave to attend school together with him in order for him to adapt to his new school and routine. However our routine was like crazy!!! sending him to school, waiting for school to be over, fetching him back and going back to work...

anyway back to our reno at CCK, we are rushing to finish the reno before the lunar new year and everywhere is in a mess!! hahaha....electrical works, partition works, plastering, aircon trunking etc. The tiling works are more or less completed. So that's one item less.

Aircon trunking was scheduled by the owner so once that was done, our electrician had to do another round of laying the wires. Partition works are in progress now.
Air con trunking for the living room. This wall will be boxed up later, lots of cables coming through here.

Quick look at the balcony area. The last time we couldn't really see it cos they were doing the marble flooring.
Brackets all up at the balcony area to hold the compressors. The concrete base for the kitchen cabinet is done too.
 Ceiling in progress

 view from master bathroom, looking into the future walk in wardrobe.
Light holder in the master bedroom

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