Sunday, January 18, 2015

Reno@CCK2 Maisonette - Finally the wall is down!

Painting makes the whole place new!
It's another Sunday at one of our reno site. Today my helper is off so we got to bring the 2 rascals along with us and hubs is having a field day!!! Hubs is in charge of carrying the 2 boys while I'm in charge of the camera.

The staircase is looking really spiffy! Looks real good without the railings, white sides and rough screed flooring. Super uber cool...but we gonna have 2 boys residing here, so got to have new railings for safety. We probably will try this combo at another maisonette if given the chance. One where the children are already adults.
Lower floor bedroom - painting and light holder completed. Looks so much brighter and spacious. Though it's actually very compact.
This photo starts to show the upper bedrooms where one of the wall is finally hacked away!!! And the light and shadow being cast onto the walls. Yes we have finally received our approval from BCA to knock down the walls. Kudos to our home owners, PE and contractor who has worked so hard to get this approval done. It's like moving the mountains!!!

zoom in on the feature wall tile at balcony
 ta-duh! i give you the upper floor bedroom where there's NO MORE WALL!!!
I can't tell you how much anxiety this wall has given to both my homeowners, us as well as our dear contractor who needs to meet the reno deadline by feb.
Master bathroom - colour palette drawing reference to one of St Regis Bal Harbour Resort - Suite bathroom.

 wee! sunny yellow!

Baby james is fascinated with the wall tiles! BTW, this is the boys' bathroom. and the wall and floor tiles are chosen by the eldest son. Kids nowadays have really good colour sense huh!


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