Friday, August 21, 2015

Reno@104 LT - Red Door and Black Gate

Red Door, Black Metal Gate and Stained flooring
Our last visit for the week. We tried really hard to finish by 14 August but it's been a week past Hungry Ghost and there's still works to be done. The carpentry only finished last week, so this week we managed to sand and polish the parquet for the living. To speed up works, we didn't sand and polish upstairs and downstairs parquet together, but we did the upstairs parquet first. Finally the main gate is up where our uncle contractor was telling us that he had to hunt high and low for a gold door handle...he said brass one he have but gold he had to find...haha...quite funny when I rethink our conversation to our uncle.

and there's the kitchen and bathroom counter tops that needs to be installed before we can install the sink and taps.
Above: Before and After photos of the flooring upstairs. 4 days ago, the carpentry was up and so within the 4 days, we stained and polished the existing parquet.

Above: Before and After Upstairs flooring. And our uncle contractor together with his worker quickly moved all the items from downstairs to upstairs so that they can polish the parquet downstairs. He says it's a 大工程!

Above:Before And After staircase threads - stained and polished too! See in the "Before" photo, there were so many things on the floor and now in the "After" photo, the whole living room is cleared! Thanks uncle!!! hahaha!

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