Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Reno@Sunshine Court - After rectification works

Hello folks!
It's mid week and we are here to check out some rectification works to the carpentry. We had some miscommunication with our carpenter for the bedhead laminate. Because the bedhead had to fit 2 side tables and a king size bed, for the laminate to run horizontally, we will need to join to laminate pieces together and will end up with a groove line. To save time, our carpenter went ahead and did it vertically (wood grains) so that the groove line will not be so obvious. After it was done, the electrical fittings did not fit above the side tables as there were too many to lay them in a row. So our dear carpenter had to relay the laminate again. So this time the home owners wanted to make things right since we are going to relay.

So after a few weeks of decision making, the home owners found another laminate which can run horizontally and was long enough to fit the bedhead. And our carpenter was willing to change and re-laminate the whole bedhead even though he already ordered and done the previous laminate horizontally.

i think making the home owners happy and satisfied is more important for us and our carpenter and yup, we really want to make things right where possible!

Another rectification work on the internal configuration of the wardrobe. Previously some of the drawers were done too thick and hence too high for home owner to reach. The solution was to remove some of the drawers and to bring the whole set down so that it's within reach.

The rest of the photos are just to share with everyone as an update since it's been quite some time we have posted any photos of our home reno. The tv console is finished in a black matt laminate, very similar to our reno in Yishun Riverwalk.

 All the kitchen carpentry are finished in a white laminate with coloured internal PVC.

ceiling fan is scheduled to install next week as the ETA took about 1 month.
stay tuned for final photos when everything is done!

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