Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Reno@LAS Maisonette - Plastering all the walls and ceiling

The flat left by the previous owner had stucco walls and so we had to plaster the entire flat from lower floor to upper floor and the ceiling too. Usually we will advise home owner not to replaster the flat to save some money, however if the whole flat is filled with these "speckled" walls, it's really hard to finish up the area. Why?

Take for instance the kitchen where most of the surgical works happen. The existing wall is kept and a new wall besides this existing wall is erected. Once the painting starts, you will see half of the wall is speckled while the other half of the wall is smooth! That's quite funny right?? Looks incomplete. Probably you will ask, why don't we plaster smooth the old and new wall together?

Then you will get a smooth plastered wall on one side and the perpendicular wall say the living is speckled. Again it's looks quite weird right? And if we plaster all the walls in the living, dining and kitchen, where the staircase wall meets half way up to the upper floors, the lower floor is smooth but the upper part of the staircase wall is speckled!!!

it just doesn't end anywhere. and if we decide to just plaster the walls only, the ceiling and water pipes are all speckled. Yup. Might as well plaster the entire flat.


  1. Replies
    1. Yours is not the only maisonette that needs the full plastering works! So you are not alone sweetie!! :)



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