Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reno@Punggol Waterway II - Talking to our electrician

Yes! it's our second project here at Punggol Waterway and demolition works are all completed. Today our electrician is here to pull some wires and we are here to take a look and go through some setting out with him.

Our government is really building many new flats for the new generation. For Punggol Waterway flats, I really have to praise HDB for doing a wonderful good job for the landscape and naturally ventilated cum sheltered carpark which I think it's very useful and makes the living experience more enriching and enjoyable. The flats are surrounded by a park like environment with exercise areas and playgrounds for both young and old to utilise.

The only thing which I'm concerned about is the small balcony which HDB has provided or designed is rather inadequate or even useless. It's really too thin a strip to put any small stool or table like what a normal balcony can do. And it's so skinny that you can only put a small or at most a medium size plant pot and you have to stand in your living room, not in your balcony to water the plants! How crazy is that!

Not only is the area very small, the floor finish is in cement screed which is almost levelled with the living floor tiles. That's really a no-no because Singapore is prone to heavy rains and when that time comes, all the water will flood into the living areas because the balcony walls are firstly solid (no weep holes for the rain water to flood out immediately), the screed is levelled with the living room tiles and I'm quite sure during a heavy down pour, the water gushing down may not discharge as fast as the rain water outlet can accommodate.

And what if the home owners want to have floor tiles instead of screed? By levelling it to the sliding door tracks, there's practically no way to lay tiles or anything on it.

HDB really need to look into their details in depth.

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