Sunday, August 09, 2015

Reno@S Maisonette - FINAL PHOTOS!

A young couple with 2 children and a newborn resides in this beautiful and homely flat together with their parents,helper and pet cat - Vodka. The home is furnished with a mix and match of old and new pieces from their previous flat and curated ones from furniture shops. The recessed area was purchased, keeping the existing flooring for the kitty to scratch around. A grey louvre door shoe cabinet greets the main entrance door. Inside, the utility is now the dining area, directly outside an L shaped kitchen.

 Dining area, outside the kitchen

Artificial turf at the balcony area secured with a soccer field netting, makes outdoor camping super realistic and not to mention that it's super children friendly.

Remember to bring the wagon of toys!!!

 Kitchen stove on one side, opposite is the sink.

 Full height cupboard with lourve doors that hides the chute, broom and small laundry items and a built in cupboard for the microwave oven and washer.

Hope everyone enjoyed the house tour and Happy Holidays!!!


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  1. Hello! May I know who's the supplier of the main gate as in the very first picture. I'm looking for something similar for my house. Thank you!



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