Friday, June 19, 2015

Reno@104 LT - Masonry works

2 weeks have past by!
The new walls have been erected, waterproofing done to the floors. Tile laying is currently in progress. Here are some photos to show the beautiful tiles which the couple has chosen for their bathrooms.
 For both bathrooms upstairs, we are using a flat edge subway tile.  
Water pipes laid and so is the waterproofing.

For the common bath downstairs which will be used as a powder room, the walls are going to be clad in a deep blue beveled subway tile. And because there's no shower area here, the wall tiles are just going to tiled half way up. The rest will be finished in plaster and paint.

 For the balcony, here's the chosen small white square mosaic on the wall! Super cute right?
It's like back in those old days where the playgrounds were all clad in mosaic.

And the men are working over here, laying subway tile to the kitchen backsplash.

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