Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Reno@Trivelis II - Carpentry updates

Open shelf big enough to put 2L water bottle!
Quick updates on our Trivelis II project in Clementi. Trivelis I has already completed so we are putting all our energy and focus on Trivelis II and to see it to completion soon!!!

 Above: Customised full height tv wall console...but where is the console?

 Above: Display cum storage area

 Side of full height tv wall console - open shelves for DVDs
 Above: Hubs shifted the plywoood board away and now we can see the wall hung tv console.

 Son's room in his favourite colour - RED. 
And Fengshui Master says auspicious colour for this room is RED.

 Master bedroom - customised storage bedframe and study area

Above: As the current wardrobe is quite small, we added a standing dresser with mirror and drawers for the missus.
 Closer look at the study area in the master room

 Son's room - the accent colour is Blue!

Last but not least, even the dining area has it's very own customised storage bench!

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