Saturday, June 20, 2015

Reno@Segar (4 Room BTO Flat) - Final Photos

 Hello Peeps!
It's the weekend again. This week, we are doing a short feature on our recently completed BTO flat in Segar. It's for a family of 5 and with a reno budget of about $25K. We did quite minimal changes to the flat to keep costs low. All the bedrooms were kept. What we did was a shoe cabinet, full kitchen works with granite counter top, wardrobe in the master and a shower wall for the master bath. For electrical, we added the aircon and some rewiring in the kitchen to fit the kitchen appliances, bar counter and lights.

There was a small hack at the kitchen entrance to make it easier to get in and to keep the aircon from flowing into the kitchen, a glass door was added later.
Above: shoe cabinet. 
For this home,  instead of the usual wood white palette, we have gone for a fabric laminate.
 Above: Bar counter, special request from the missus. 
She really wanted a bar counter in the kitchen and was willing to work with just 1 counter for the sink, stove and fridge all tucked side by side on the opposite wall.
 We kept all the original HDB floor and wall tiles in the kitchen.
 Above: Bar counter in kitchen
To give the kitchen more added storage, we designed a bottom cabinet right at the end of the counter to house the microwave oven and 2 drawers for kitchenware items.
Here's the other side of the kitchen - fridge, stove, hood, built in oven and sink, topped with granite.
Lucky thing the husband managed to persuade his mother from getting the side by side fridge. If not going to be super tight here.

Last but not least, the master bath with its very own shower wall for bath items and glass partition. No vanity was done for both the bathrooms. The shower accessories were all kept and reused once the wall was up. Minimal plumbing works since the common bath was kept in its original condition as we didn't have to install any WC or sinks.

watch this space for our next home feature!


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