Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Reno@Towner Maisonette - Carpentry updates

THE Shoe cabinet - current "must have" item in almost every regular Singapore family. Nowadays, many parents tell me that their children have many pairs of shoes! more than the parents themselves. 
Slippers, sandals, gai-gai (aka going out)shoes, sport shoes and school shoes. So imagine where a 3 gen family stay, there's bound to be many many shoes...
 Upstairs, one of the bedrooms is converted to an entertainment room

 Downstairs, we have some display shelves for the missus collection of vodka bottles. 
Need to fit at least 40 bottles here.

Last but not least...i give you the kitchen!
 circular tube shaped hood! how cool is that!!! 
FSM says the stove has to be at that location, hence the need to buy an island hood instead of the usual wall mounted hood. The sink location is also fixed by the FSM.
 Kitchen in white. Sink, stove, hood and kitchen mixer installed!
Heard the family is planning to move in this weekend. Furniture is slated to come in this week too.

signing off now for the night.


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