Thursday, June 18, 2015

Reno@Trivelis II - Carpentry 90% completed!

The carpentry will complete by this week, leaving the electrician to come in to fix up the loose wires. As not all the lights have been purchased by the owner, we will need to wait for awhile for all the light fittings to come in so that the electrician just need to make one trip down here to finish and tidy up his work.

Storage bench at dining area - leaving the cushion seats and backing. Glass swing doors have been installed at the display shelf. Are you wondering why there's a "hole" at the bottom right hand corner of the full height cabinet? Quite an easy guess right?

it's always for some kind of electronics!
 Customised tv wall console and storage
 study area for the 2 boys. 
The red wall bedroom - the bed is gonna be tucked beside the window to have more walking area at the entrance of the room.
The blue shelf bedroom - there's gonna be a tv in the big open area! Lucky fella!!! And he has this uber cool almost black looking study table.

For the master room - storage bed where all the pull out drawers have been covered with laminate already. The study table is not quite finished yet. And so is the swing door cabinet above the bedhead.

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