Friday, June 26, 2015

Reno@H3 Maisonette - Tiles selection

 A total of 15 different tiles.

[BACKPOST] - Tiles were selected way way back, probably 2 weeks ago before the couple went on a holiday.

In case you are wondering where we got our tiles from, there are from Hafary (balestier branch). Not that we are particularly attracted to the heavy make up, long hair, short skirt and high heeled ladies but the chosen contractor's preferred tile shop is them. I particularly don't really fancy their service. Or is it because I'm of the same gender as them so they really bo-chup me?

They have another branch in Eunos, a showroom which carries more tiles than you can ever imagine. I think i can get lost in their rows and rows of tiles! Think of it as an amusement park for those who want to go tile shopping!

Not suitable for the fickle minded. You probably can't decide which tile you want and end up confused.

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