Monday, June 22, 2015

Reno@104 LT - Screeding works

For those of you who are "chasing" the progress updates on our 104 LT maisonette, well the screeding works for the living and dining areas have completed! and once the screed has dried off, we can start to lay the flooring! The bathroom shower wall is up and tiling works can commence soon. Waterproofing to the floor currently in progress before we lay the floor tiles. So i guess wet works will have to continue another week to 2 weeks before we can start to see the real beauty!

Upstairs, both bedrooms' wall facing the the staircase were hacked to half height and walls have been screed smooth.

Tiler on site , laying the kitchen tiles (person on the left)
Electrician staring into blank space...too much on his mind (person on the right)

ritey folks.
got to wait for next week's updates!


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