Friday, June 05, 2015

Reno@Sunshine Court - Tile works

Hi there!
We are going to have a small shoe cabinet here to block the main entrance and re-defining the entrance foyer space.We did a small hack on the floor tiles and replaced them with wood tiles.
Most of the tiling works in the 2 bathrooms have been completed. For the common bath, there's an access panel in the shower area for maintenance, hence we have to shorten the alcove wall for the shower items.
Here's the new feature wall in the common bath area. Previously it was the "rain drops" mosaic pattern on it which we have overlaid with new wall tiles. You can click here for the pre reno photos!
 For the master bathroom, all 3 walls are overlaid with new tiles to enhance the shower area.
Wall in master room, 50% completion. Next will be plastering!

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