Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Reno@H3 Maisonette - New beginnings

YAY! it's mid week already and I can't wait for weekend to arrive. I've just finished a TOP inspection this morning and I'm quite tired after walking the site for 3 hours straight. We walked a total of 8 towers plus basement carpark, which makes it a total of 155 condo units.

rites, enuff complaining and back to home renos!

We are embarking on a new reno journey for one of our maisonettes in Hougang. The concept is pretty similar to the one which we have just completed, called the S Maisonette. The flat is re-designed for a family of 5 = mum + dad + 3sons. The recessed area has been bought by the previous owner, so this saves the hassle for our new home owners one step in making their dream home bigger.

we are in the midst of apply for the HDB renovation permit. So things are going to start moving pretty soon!


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