Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Reno@HollandD - Tiling works

hello hello!
it's been 3 days since we last came up here and the tiling works are about say 50% completed? Most of the tiles for the walls have already gone up. Like the kitchen, some of the tiles where the electrical points are going to be, have been cut and set aside for them to be installed later.

The bathroom wall tiles are almost all up.
The screeding bed has been laid, waterproofing in progress.
 above: bedroom 2's new wall has been screeded
Common bath feature wall in a earth brown wall tiles, the rest in beige. Water pipes have been laid for the sink and shower.
The shower area is going to be stepped down so that we don't have to do a curb up to hold the glass partition. We usually do this kind of detail for resale flats. For new flats we try not to touch the existing floor tiles and do a curb up to receive the glass works, unless home owners wants to overlay the bathroom flooring, then we can do a step down to the shower area. But that will be additional costs which we don't really encourage since the flat is so new and the floor tiles are in good condition. Better to spend the money elsewhere like - furniture and kitchen appliances!

Things are getting so expensive nowadays...sorry, just had to vent my frustrations abit here cos my kopi-c price has just increased again!!! And so is the bubble tea. They both hiked up their prices in the same week.
 here's the master bath area

guy working solo in the kitchen. guess we better not disturb him! and let him get to work since this week is a short week... the long weekend is approaching. I'm sure some of you out there must be waiting for this weekend to getaway huh!

well we are staying put here in sg...probably go Sea Aquarium since it's my dad's birthday. YAY! can't wait for a family outing together.

Happy May Day in advance!!!


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