Monday, April 13, 2015

Reno@Towner Maisonette - hacking 70% completed

All the approved hacking works have been completed last week. Now leaving pending items, which probably needs some time for the paperwork to go through. This is our first 5 room maisonette reno! It looks pretty much the same in terms of the layout and there's 3 bedrooms upstairs too.
 overview of the kitchen - all the cabinetry have been stripped bare, wall and floor tiles all removed. Even the marble flooring has been hacked away to make way for new flooring.
The main door looks so retro! All the vintage window railings have been removed too. A pity we didn't manage to salvage them. I guess the couple is afraid that it might make the whole design a bit mish-mash of some sorts - a little vintage, a little modern and somewhat in between. Plus the railings were not in a good condition to be begin with. They were really old and rusty. Guess it will need a lot of cleaning up and paint job to get it looking spiffy again.
 Kitchen - The old school railings are still intact here!
 Wash area on the lower floor.
The staircase is in its original condition - fishbone style, bare on both sides and no store under the staircase. We told the couple that they should keep the flooring for the staircase since it looks pretty decent. The railing should keep, though we probably can change the handrail to something slimmer.
 sigh...i actually love the old old subway tiles in the balcony! again, we didn't manage to keep those.
 windows all removed! Ok this one i think should go cos it was really old rickety rackety sort.

 old fashion window grilles in the bathroom!

this window is so awkward because the unitary compressor was placed here. Good that it's gone now the whole room looks brighter!

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