Saturday, April 18, 2015

Reno@Sunshine Court - Renderings

The couple is looking at a minimal and woody look for their home. So we are keeping all the customised furniture flat surfaced, smooth, no trims or frills.

Guess what I read up online about minimalist interiors?

An online article wrote that minimalist interiors create a less stress free environment because it looks clean, uncluttered and welcoming. It further highlights the following points
-  a cluttered home makes one anxious
-  a room too dark makes one depressed and gloomy
-  a room too bright makes one stressed and hurried
- a room too small makes one trapped or cramped

Minimalist interiors has a simple approach to colour - light and simple. Light neutral colours allow a home to feel open, airy and inviting.

ok...think I roughly get the geez of it.

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