Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Reno@VistaSpring - Carpentry works in progress

We just got back from our holidays so pardon me for some overly dued reno progress updates. It's so overwhelming at home ever since our maid has gone home, there's so much cleaning up to do when we get back from work. Guess all parents know the routine - wash milk bottles, wash clothes and dry clothes and fold clothes, mop the floor, sweep, wash the dishes etc... and pack school bags!

back to home renos.
it's been quite awhile since I last updated on our reno progress at VistaSpring. well that's because the vinyl flooring was out of stock before the CNY and it took one month for the next arrival ie installation late march. So finally the vinyl flooring is laid and the carpentry can go up!
 Pull out larder "basket-style" in the kitchen. 
These are good for items which you want to see at a quick glance. And one pull will pull all the baskets out.
Away from the stove is another tall cabinet for storage. This one is just pull out drawers where you have to put out one drawer at a time.

 tv console lying on the living room floor now.
vinyl flooring for the corridor

 The bathroom carpentry took awhile to finished too because the basins were out of stock.

Master room wardrobe - barn door style. This is something which the couple was bold enough to try out. Usually we would have gone for the usual white panel doors but for this new home, the wardrobe becomes the eye-catching piece in the house!

stay tune for final photos.


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